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A new web site with Aikido DVDs

Pat Hendricks entire DVD production is on display at this recently released web site. There are several interesting productions there. Not the least for us in Scandinavia, the DVD almost finished is from the succesful Stockholm Seminar.

Go here for the web site

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New DVD with Saito Sensei released

(2006-05-17) In 1998 Mats Alexandersson made an interview with Saito Sensei in Denmark. The Interview was videotaped and is released as a DVD production. read more about the release of the DVD...

Michael McVey

(2005-09-11) Michael McVey age 49, 4th dan. Teaches aikido today in Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA. McVey has studied aikido for Saito Sensei, Pat Hendricks and many others. Read more..


Uchi deshi at Tanrenkan Dojo Iwama spring 2005

(2005-05-20) This time we arrived to Iwama on 26 February. Since Morihiro Saito sensei passed away, this was the second time I went to Iwama together with my son Kaj. Read more..

Snapshot from the official web site of TAS, Takemusu Aikido Scandinavia.

TAS, A New Organization is formed

(2006-04-08) Some years ago the organization Iwama Ryu Scandinavia vanished. Now an organization has re-emerged with the same leading party under a new name, TAS.

. read more about TAS...


TAU - Newly founded Network for Traditional Aikido! / Nystartat nätverk för Traditionell Aikido

(2005-09-11) Read more..

We are looking for co-writers!

(2004-08-30) Do you have what it takes to be a co-writer för Aikishuren.Net? If you are interested get in touch with us! Read more..



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