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Miles Kessler moves everyone at the seminar in Göteborg

When Miles came to town alot of the participant did not know what would be expected of the long time student of Saito sensei´s.

Miles Kessler really meant to tell us something at the seminar. His mission this weekend was to move everyone and get things going.

And he did, alot of the focus of the seminar was on awase and ukemi. this was combined with movement in every direction. Miles tried fresh ideas of how to get students to move and being flexible in their training. All aikidokas, more than 80 was regisrered, broke out in a sweat while having fun training.
Riai Aikido from Göteborg, Sweden, succeded in serving us with a fine seminar.

Thank you all!


Moving seminar

Great seminar, that made everyone move. Thank you Riai, and thank you both Pia and Jan

2004-09-20 09:12:50 Jakob Blomquist

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