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Joint Seminar with Corallini and Evenas

Last weekend (17. to 19. of september 2004) the European Shihans Paolo Corallini and Ulf Evenas for the 5th time did teach a seminar together in Cittá di Castello (Italy, Umbria).

Again they were invited by Adolfo Brado. Following and pointing to the principles of Kotai, Jutai, Ryutai and Kitai they did teach Taijutsu and Bukiwaza.

Applied to the work with the jo. For example they created a sequence of Jo Suburi, of Jo Awase forms (using Choku Barai for defence), of Jo Awase using Choku Barai to create an opening and to defence, of Yon No Awase, of Yon no Awase Henkawaza, of Ichi no Kumi Jo and finally of Henkawaza on the Ichi No Kumi Jo.

Applied to Taijutsu Ushiro techniques for example they spend time to show the differences between the basis Ryote Dori grips and went on with the different Ki No Nagere forms on Ushiro Ryote Dori, Ushiro Katate Kubishime and Ushiro Eridori. In addition they again made convincingly clear that, that however different they are, they are pointing to the same target.

Participants came from the very north to the very south of Italy, from France and Germany. The sport hall was rather crowded - but luckily the weather did allow to practise part of the bukiwaza outside. The seminar in 2005 is allready scheduled: the first weekend of october will be a chance to practise really good Aikido in a nice part of Italy.

Italian regards,

Birgid Eberhardt

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