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A historical Seminar has ended

When Ethan Weisgard initiated the seminar we soon found out that there was a historical touch to the whole seminar. This was promised in the invitation and surely the promise was kept.

Later down you can read more about the theme of the Seminar. You will also find some of all the examples Ethan used to explain the developement over the years.

Our small and intense group. We came from Denmark and Sweden.

Aiki taiso, warming up before keiko.

Some techniques were breath taking but very close between friends. Ethan giving instructions to Pierre on how to strangle properly.

Close up of Jonas Larsson from Stockholm in a tight spot.

Suwari waza, sitting down training will give you reason to work up a sweat.

Take the opportunity to read a little about what we did on the seminar. Read the rest below...

The theme of the seminar...

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