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5 - Instructors from Sweden in joint seminar

Tommy Pettersson, Per-Ola Olsson, Jonas Palm, Fredrik Snell and Mats Alexandersson gets together for a summer seminar.

In the beginnig of June, 4-5th, in sunny Stockholm you will get the opportunity to train together with 6 instructors from all over Sweden.

  • Tommy Pettersson, head instructor in Tranemo Aikido Club
  • Per-Ola Olsson, head instructor from Malmö Aikido Club
  • Jonas Palm, head instructor from Lunds Aikido Club
  • Fredrik Snell, head instructor from Karlstad Aikishuren Dojo
  • Mats Alexandersson, head instructor from Stockholm Aikido Club

The seminar will contain 6 classes with each instructor and other activities taking advantage of Stockholm in the Summer.

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