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Inagaki Sensei visits Sweden for the first time

Inagaki Sensei started out in Aikido a a youngster in 1958. In Iwama he trained for O-Sensei and later on as a deshi of Saito Sensei´s

He has trained for O-Sensei for many years. He has been uchi-deshi in the Iwama dojo for two and a half years. Inagaki Sensei has diligently trained aikido for many years.

This past weekend he gave a Seminar for the first time in Sweden. There were more than 140 people attending. Here are some images for you to enjoy.


The Yoki is great...

I was really impress with the yoki as a student in the :Art of Peace"(Aikido). WOW!!!

2005-05-16 13:46:58 Ommar Pacalundo

I want to learn

I really wanted to please learn aikido they could send me information to learn at home thank you I am of Venezuela

2005-05-05 07:26:22 Cesar Augusto

Martial arts

Love it i've study a few arts always wanted to study aikido i hope one day i can complete this dream

2005-04-07 05:59:29 Henry Martinez

nice pictures

i have met inagaki-sensei in iwama last year... he´s a great person and impressing sensei. I hope i will be able to join a seminar with him next time.

2005-03-28 17:02:13 bjoern

Wish I had...

been there, miss you guys.

2005-03-02 01:54:53 Nadija Alainentalo

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