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Nemoto Sensei - diary of a seminar

Since I started training aikido 4 months ago, I have found myself liking it more and more. When I first heard about the camp in Gothenburg with Hiroki Nemoto. I thought I was not ready to go to a camp. But a couple of weeks ago I changed my mind, thought that if you don't expose yourself to things you don't know your not going to learn them either. So I went and I don't regret it.

The first day began with a taijutsu session going through tai no henko, morotedori kokyu ho and Ikkyo through to yonkyo. Mr Nemoto explained that doing the basic techniques was god for building strength and flexibility. The second session of the day was kumitachi with bokken.

Last session for the day was another taijutsu session with a lot of techniques, among several kokyu ho and some kotegaeshi techniques, that I never have done before, but Mr Nemoto was very good at showing them so it was not all confusing. The day ended with dinner and Mr Nemoto talked to everyone at the dinner and asked from which dojo they came from.

The last day began with taijutsu, doing shihonage and iriminage with different entries. This was a very good session because I have only done iriminage a few times so it was good practice. The second session was with jo, doing the 13 kata in kumi jo, a good practice to learn the kata. We did it in steps doing moments 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-13 and then the whole kata in kumi jo. The last session this weekend was taijutsu with some koshinage with different entries and some ushiro ryote dori.

Overall I think this was a very useful weekend. I got to practice a lot of techniques and started to learn the Japanese names for the techniques and entries.

Though I don't remember all we went through this weekend, I have experienced a lot and I think it will be easier for me to follow further practice.

Peter Johansson


Paberu, Ivanovo RUS

On the last photo, my teacher from Russia has been thrown by deshi from Sweden (in the foreground). It is wonderful to look, how throw my teacher :)

2005-07-28 20:41:17 Paberu


it was ok but you need to explain the technices more

2005-06-04 16:51:51 jason

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