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New DVD with Saito Sensei released

(2006-05-17) In 1998 Mats Alexandersson made an interview with Saito Sensei in Denmark. The Interview was videotaped and is released as a DVD production. read more about the release of the DVD...

TAS, A New Organization is formed

(2006-04-08) Some years ago the organization Iwama Ryu Scandinavia vanished. Now an organization has re-emerged with the same leading party under a new name, TAS.

. read more about TAS...

The Aikido Summer Camp for 2006 is cancelled!

(2005-12-19) Copenhagen Aikido Club recently released a press relase saying they have cancelled the up-coming summer camp. The summer camp originally hosted Morihiro Saito Sensei and later Evenås and Corralini. The camp has drawn a vast crowd of aikidokas over the years. Copenhagen aikido Club also says that all participants who already have paid will get a full refund. Read more..

New DVD Series from Pat Hendricks Sensei - 6th dan

(2005-05-12) Pat Hendricks Sensei is about to release a new DVD series about which we have some preliminary information. Read more..

Malmö Aikido Club celebrates their 25th Anniversary!

(2004-10-20) After 25 years of Aikido in Malmö it is time for a grand party and a seminar with Ulf Evenås 7 dan Iwama ryu and 6 dan Aikikai. Read more..

New book release by Mats Alexandersson

(2004-03-31) Aikido på svenska, grunder, is a new book by Mats Alexandersson from Stockholm Aikido club. It is free to download in PDF-format. New Book release in Swedish

Ethan Weisgard - New Book Release

(2004-08-27) Ethan Weisgard one of Denmarks foremost Aikidokas just released a two book set on Bukiwaza. Read more..

Congratulations on your recently awarded 5 dan!

(2005-02-04) Zeth Moberg and Göran Hedman recently was awarded 5 dan aikikai.
Aikishuren.Net wishes to congratulate you on this great event.


Successful integration of Iwama students!

(2004-11-18) A short time ago Chairman Fagerlund of the Swedish Budo fedrations Aikido Board gladly announced the completion of the integration between Aikikai and the Iwama ryu students of Sweden. Read more..

Aikido Dojo Vätterstaden starts up! NEW DOJO!

(2004-10-18) A fresh started dojo invites you to a one evening seminar with Shihan Ulf Evenås 7 dan. Read more..



(2004-09-19) It was a great event when Riai Aikido Dojo celebrated its one year anniversary. Read more..

We are looking for co-writers!

(2004-08-30) Do you have what it takes to be a co-writer för Aikishuren.Net? If you are interested get in touch with us! Read more..


Conggratulations to Pia and Thomas for your daughter born March 16 2004.

(2004-04-03) Conggratulations to Pia and Thomas for your daughter born March 16 2004. More about Pia...

Riai Aikido Dojo publicerar.

(2004-02-18) More about the new publication...


New dojo in Gothenburg, Sweden

(2004-02-18) Pia Moberg and Jan Bratt are taking a big step. Read more..

Ethan Monnot Weisgard starts a new dojo

(2004-02-18) After 27 wonderful years as one of the chief instructors in the Copenhagen Aikido Club I have decided to start my own dojo. Read more..

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