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TAS, A New Organization is formed

Some years ago the organization Iwama Ryu Scandinavia vanished. Now an organization has re-emerged with the same leading party under a new name, TAS.

TAS, Traditional Aikido Scandinavia

TAS stands for Takemusu Aikido Scandinavia. The TAS is headed much by the same group in charge of the former organization Iwama Ryu Scandinavia, Shihan Ulf Evenås 7th dan Iwama Ryu, 6th dan aikikai, Lars-Göran Andersson 5th dan aikikai, Ethan Weisgard 5th dan aikikai and Keith Olen Barger 5th dan aikikai.

TAS says their aim is to pass on the aikido taught by O-Sensei in Iwama.

  • This is done by training the aikido taught by Morihiro Saito.
  • Maintain a close contact with Hombu Dojo and the Ibaraki dojo
  • Keep an close contact with those who have profound insight in traditional aikido and who is striving for the same goal.

Gradings in Sweden and Denmark

The rerpresentatives of TAS claims to represent Iwama Aikido as a style in the Swedish Aikikai grading committé as well as in the Danish Aikido Federation grading commité.

Building a membership stock

TAS has made a exclusive selective invitation to some dojos in Scandinavia. TAS is targeting unafilliated dojos in order to increase their numbers.

The web site

We have also been able to catch a sneek preview of the up-coming website for the organization. Go here to find out more about TAS.

It is with great pleasure we notice an increased activity in Aikido in Scandinavia and we are looking with keen interest on the coming development.


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