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Uchi deshi at Tanrenkan Dojo Iwama spring 2005

(2005-05-20) This time we arrived to Iwama on 26 February. Since Morihiro Saito sensei passed away, this was the second time I went to Iwama together with my son Kaj. Read more..

Soto Deshi in the dojo of Paolo Corallini Shihan in Osimo, Italy

(2004-10-10) A really intensive way of practising Aikido in Europe is a visit in Osimo, the place close to Ancona in Italy where Paolo Corallini Sensei is living, working and teaching Aikido. Read more..


Suggestions about where to put images of Saito Sensei in the dojo

(2004-08-31) Dear Aikido dojos and dojo cho, I hope that everyone has enjoyed their summer vacations and that everything is going well with thenew training season. I have noticed that more and more dojos are placing a photo of our dear beloved Saito Sensei ontheir kamidana or shomen, as a sign of respect for all the wonderful things he has given us. Read more..

Remembering Saito Sensei´s birthday

(2004-02-18) Today --31 March 2003 -- would have been Morihiro Saitos 75:th birthday. His spirit lives forever in our hearts and on this day we send him an extra thought. Read more..


3 X No Sen

(2004-02-18) Go no sen / sen no sen / sensen no sen These three terms refer to the different kinds of timing used in dealing with an attacker in budo training. Read more..

Regarding Saito Sensei's students and the future

(2004-02-18) Traditionally, a martial arts student has one master throughout the course of his or her budo training. The case may be, however, that one wishes to change one's apprenticeship during the course of one's studies, depending upon the circumstances. More about Ethan´s thoughts...

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