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Suggestions about where to put images of Saito Sensei in the dojo

Dear Aikido dojos and dojo cho, I hope that everyone has enjoyed their summer vacations and that everything is going well with thenew training season. I have noticed that more and more dojos are placing a photo of our dear beloved Saito Sensei ontheir kamidana or shomen, as a sign of respect for all the wonderful things he has given us.

Now that we have taken a more active role in the Aikikai, and the Aikikai is getting used to ourpresence again, I would like to suggest the following, for the sake of not unintentionally sending a wrong signal to the Aikikai and thereby the Ueshiba family.

In order to not seem as if we consider Saito Sensei to be of equal position to O-Sensei, please let me suggest that the photo used in the dojo of Saito Sensei, as well as the frame for this photo, is smaller than that of O-Sensei.

I also suggest that the placement of the photo of Saito Sensei belower than that of O-Sensei. In cases where the dojo has a shelf or kamidana, the placement of the two photos could be as seenbelow.

If the photos are hung directly on the shomen wall, the placement could be the same. In cases where the dojo uses a "kakemono" (hanging scroll with an O-Sensei picture), I would suggest a placement as shown furthest down on this page.

If people have questions regarding this subject, or others, please feel free to contact me at: Yours in Aiki, Ethan Weisgard,Copenhagen Aiki Shuren Dojo

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