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Michael McVey

Michael McVey age 49, 4th dan. Teaches aikido today in Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA. McVey has studied aikido for Saito Sensei, Pat Hendricks and many others. Read more..

Bill Witt

The Founder was the first aikido person I saw.  I was inspired to join the dojo without even seeing what aikido was.  One doesn't often get a chance to apprentice with the founder of something.. Read more..


Miles Kessler

Where do you live today? I'm currently residing in Israel. What is your current occupation? Aikido teacher. Read more..

Pat Hendricks

What qualities do find important in an aikido teacher? Ability to step out of the way and let the student progress in their path naturally. Also, compassion. Read more..


David G. Alexander

I first went to Iwama and met Saito-sensei in the spring of 1972.  I was training at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo at the time, and heard stories about this "outdoor dojo" in Iwama and a legendary sensei named Saito.. Read more..

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