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Pat Hendricks

Patricia Anne Hendricks

6th Dan Aikikai

Where were you born?
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. 48 years old.

Where do you live today?
Oakland, California, USA

What is your current occupation?
Aikido Teacher

What is your education?
BA - Asian Studies - UC Berkeley

When did you first start out with aikido and where was that?
Monterey, California with Stan Pranin, 1975

Who was your first aikido teacher?
Stanley Pranin

Who would you say is your main inspiriation in aikido?
Saito Morihiro Sensei

What do you feel this person/persons especially passed on to you?
Sense of Takemusu Aikido and weapons

Whats is the name of your current dojo?
Aikido of San Leandro

What qualities do find important in an aikido teacher?
Ability to step out of the way and let the student progress in their path naturally. Also, compassion.

Can you pin point a few important moments in your history in aikido, perhaps moments you feel contributed you taking a new turn in aikido or of some other importance.

  • 1984 - Founded Aikido of San Leandro, and decided to go full time.
  • 1992 - Filmed for Saito Sensai's book - took more ukemi in one day then ever before - inspiring.
  • 1992 - All Japan Demo with Saito Sensai - inspiring
  • 1999 - Gave birth to my son - realized the real meaning of Aikido.

How would you like to see aikido develope in the future? What steps do you feel is important to take to get there?
More peace and interaction with all groups in order to model Aikido to the world.

Last famous words, anything you wish to add...
A great teacher knows when to take a step back and observe...

Do you give seminars, where?
Yes, all over Europe, America, and New Zealand.

Have you had any other expericience in the Martial Arts? If yes, tell us your main impressions.
Many martial arts camps, both teaching and participating.

What would you say, if you can single out one specific area, is the most important in Martial Art?
The attitude of open learning - to give and receive with heart.

When teaching aikido, what do you find to be more important to focus on. Is there something special you think you have an obligation to pass on to your students?
My focus is really to find what works for any particular student, and take them there with as much energy as is appropriate.

When looking at a student, what qualities do like to see? What is important to be a good student?
Being a sponge - letting the entire being absorb all of the teaching.

What is your goal with aikido? Why do you practice and where do you want to go?
My goal is to bring more peace and understanding to the world.

How would you define the overal goal of aikido, What is your suggested road map getting there?
The overall goal of Aikido can be defined as a tool for teaching the principals that connect ones own being with all that exists in the universe, and training is certainly a roadmap for achieving this. Once a majority has this feeling, we can really start finding ways to create peace in this world.


She is a great

Paticia hendricks is an awsome teacher she has taght me alot about selfdisaplin. She is encouraging to her students and an example to everyone arounder her. Thank you Sensei!!

2005-03-27 07:50:47 Ashley Schwartz

Role Model

I think that Patricia Anne Hendricks is a wonderful inspiration to women practising Aikido in such a male dominated art. I would love to meet and train with her

2004-07-25 18:32:40 Sarah Hayman

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