This site is nowadays named AI KI SHU REN.
Previously it has been named

Today we call this site AI KI SHU REN. The name is taken from the sign leading into the small path to the Iwama dojo where O-Sensei and later on Saito Sensei was made the caretaker of the dojo. Aiki Shu ren seems apropriate today when we look back on where we studied aikido.

This site started in 1994 and is a project managed by Mats Alexandersson, head instructor of Stockholm Aikido Club. With help from fellow aikidokas we build this site.

We aim to give a good independent overlook on the Net for all aikido practitioners on what happens within the sphere of traditional aikido. The traditional aikido we studied in iwama under the supervision of Morihiro Saito Sensei.

We are always open to input from our viewers to what is missing and what should be given more focus. So, please help us with ideas and constructive criticism.

Mats Alexandersson
Head Instructor, Stockholm Aikido Club Iwama Ryu Aikishuren Dojo

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